Jungle Bells Holiday Lights Display, Sinterklaas Rhinebeck 2020 and Capital Holiday Lights in the Park are just a few destinations certain to give even the most ornery Scrooge the gift of joy this holiday season.

When my son was a little guy we used to go to a local park to see all of the displays decorated with colorful lights. This became a New Years Eve tradition that we always looked forward to. My little guy is now 18 and I'm willing to bet that he wouldn't hesitate to check out the bright lights of the Capital Region and beyond. Here are some of the locations we will be visiting.

At Washington Park in Albany you will find the Price Chopper Market 32 Capital Holiday Lights in the Park featuring 125 individual light displays! This event officially gets underway on November 27th (Black Friday) but between you and me there will be a "sneak peak" on Saturday November 21st and Sunday November 22nd. There will even be a "Pet Walk Night" on Monday November 23rd. Might have to take our Chesapeake Bay Retriever for a stroll.

Sinterklaas - Rhinebeck 2020 is an old Dutch tradition in the Hudson Valley. This year there will be some alterations to those traditions due to the pandemic. For updates please visit: https://www.sinterklaashudsonvalley.com/

Jungle Bells Holiday Lights Display at Animal Adventure in Harpursville, NY is a bit of a ride from the Capital Region but sounds worth it with over 500,000 lights! Jungle Bells will turn on the lights on Thursday November 12th and shut them off Sunday January 3rd! There are 2 different experiences at Jungle Bells. Take the 1 mile drive thru to see the majority of the displays or walk thru for the full experience. Live reindeer stations, Santa's Workshop, Snow Sisters, see and feed the animals! That is just some of what is in store for you! Keep in mind this is a cash only entrance so be prepared and check here for more: https://theanimaladventurepark.com/Page/home

Maybe I'll see you out and about this holiday season. From a distance of course.


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