Well hello, hello, my fellow SAGs!!! And all of the other zodiac signs!!! One of our favorite rap men turns 44 today! Young Hov, Jigga, Blue Ivy's baby daddy, Beyonce's man...yes Jay Z!

Jay Z
Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images

A happy birthday to you Mr. Z!! Lookin good for 44!! And still going strong in the rap game doing his dammmmmn thang! I am happy to share my zodiac sign with this man. (Britney Spears is a SAG too, BUT....I aint going there.)BTW, my bday is December 6th if you are wondering, just saying. Flowers and presents accepted. Oops, did I say that.

The latest about this great is that him and his wifey are changing their diets to Vegan until Xmas! The 22 day challenge began yesterday, Jay Z quoted as treating it as a "spiritual and physical cleanse." So I guess he won't be eating a big, fat, juicy steak tonight for his Bday dinner! Talk about discipline switching up like that at this time of year when all we do is eat, drink and be merry!!

As we wish a Happy Bday to Jay Z today, you know I gots to take it back in time with a classic song and video from his younger days. But of course!!

Taking it back to 1996 this time and wow, look at how lil and young Jigga was!!! The song, "Aint No" featuring Foxy Brown. The album "Reasonable Doubt" AND The Nutty Professor soundtrack!! This song was always rockin in the clubs back in the day!! City Limits, Bogies, Garcia's, Michael's, Doc McCutcheon's... oh yes, nothing but good memories of getting our grooves on here folks!!

Happy Bday Jigga!! And to all on this day and every day!! Life life to it's fullest!

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