Big Boi celebrated his 41st birthday Feb. 1 and the Atlanta hip-hop legend has racked up more than a few classic moments since he and his OutKast partner Andre 3000 burst onto the scene barely out of high school back in 1993-94.

His reputation as the more "grounded" half of that iconic hip-hop duo sometimes obscures the fact that the man born Antwan Patton has contributed his own brand of southern-fried eclecticism over the years; from his underrated early solo track "West Savannah" to his scene-stealing guest spots alongside southern mainstays like YoungBloods and Trick Daddy, to his acclaimed work with Phantogram as Big Grams.

He started out as a distinctively rapid-fire spitter armed with a penchant for pimp tales, witty turns-of-phrase and a knack for storytelling--think Slick Rick meets Kilo Ali--but Big Boi was always a lot broader in his approach than many hip-hop fans seemed to recognize.

So in recognition of the versatility, longevity and creativity of one of hip-hop's most underappreciated superstars, here are 10 great songs to remind you just how Daddy Fat Sax has remained cooler than a polar bear's toenails for 22 years in the game.

Like Freddie Jackson sippin' a milkshake in a snowstorm.


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