Yep! That is correct! It's Tanch's Bday!!


So make sure you show him some love and send him a Happy Bday shout out on our Facebook page!!! You have to like us first of course!!!

And NO , just because he is my boss, this is not a kiss up post nor am I brown nosing! As a matter of fact, if it weren't for Mista Tannnnch!! You probably wouldn't hear me back on the airwaves again!!!

He knows that I call him my radio guardian angel! (well I think he does) When I left the radio industry in 2005 I had absolutely no idea how much I would miss it, how empty I would be inside.  A piece of me was missing over the years. I didn't admit it for a long time. It was like a bad break up. For real, this is on a serious tip. I was in somewhat of a dark place. People would try talking to me about radio and I would always change the subject or cut them off. I couldn't talk about it, I couldn't even listen to the radio for several years. I had lost my passion, I had lost a part of me....

But that is an entire different story for another day of course! An enormously giant thank you to you Tanch and a HAPPY BORN DAY BROTHA!!



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