It’s that time of year! The holidays are officially here, and folks are desperate. So much so that they will brazenly walk or run up to your door in broad daylight and steal your packages from your front door.

In Guilderland, a woman caught another woman on her home security camera stealing packages from her home. She posted the videos on Facebook, and her friends shared and strangers did too. The thief’s face was clear as day on the camera! She was being shamed and blasted all on-line for stealing the packages. Then reality hit her that not only was she a thief with her identity known and would be arrested, she also was apologetic for what she had done. The woman had come back, with a letter of apology and the opened packages.

The shame of it all! See you steal from me and then come back on my doorstep with the packages to apologize, oh I’m calling the police right then and there. You get no sympathy from me. There are programs out here to help the less fortunate, there is no reason to steal what others have worked hard for. Almost everyone these days has the RING security system or some other type of video camera around their home. Stealing packages from doorsteps has run rampant so much so people are out here really protecting themselves. She could’ve been shot! Don’t roll up on the wrong doorstep.

For everyone out here who is looking to protect themselves from theft, have your packages shipped to your workplace or if you want them delivered home, require a signature!

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