Generation Next last night was an easy matchup for Xavier White he won huge with 98.16 % of the Votes. It looks like this song is going to have some longevity in Generation NExt the song is currently trending on Shazam and Xavier said he is not letting up. So get your music in to see if you can knock him out of the number one slot.

Tonight's contender has a song that is buzzing in the streets on the 518. I happened to hear someone blasting this song riding down Central on Monday. I had to blast it off for Generation NExt this week. The song is In My Bag by BD ft Biggz. Will BD and Biggz have what it takes to knock Xavier from the number spot ? You are the judge jury and executioner in tonight's Generation NExt.

Listen to both songs below and vote in Generation NExt.

Who Should Come Back Tommmorow ?

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