Future ended 2014 igniting hype around his forthcoming mixtape with Mike WiLL Made It, 'Ape S---.' Now at the top of 2015, fans get a new track from Future Hendrix, 'Real Sisters,' with the assistance of producer Zaytoven.

The rapper is looking to score on the effort -- and we're not talking a touchdown on the football field. Over the bouncy beat, Future, backed by his trusty Auto-Tune, goes in on his haters and has a few choice words for the ladies.

From the fact that he "don't give a f--- if they're real sisters" or his desire to "f--- 10 sisters," the Atlanta native is on one with this track. “Standin' in the trenches screamin' 'murder' / We either take that n---- off or try to serve him / She got Chanel drippin' off, I'm 'bout to murk her/ And I can tell the way she talk, that bitch thirsty,” he rhymes.

It looks like Future has a lot in store for 2015. Are you a fan of his collaborations with Mike WiLL Made It or Zaytoven? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Listen to Future ‘Real Sisters’

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