When arguing with a friend goes absolutely wrong ladies and gentleman meet Roger D. Washburn, 71, he was arguing with a friend over a Bruno Mars song when, things went left and Roger allegedly pistol-whipped his bestie of 50 YEARS! According to USA Today this is how the geriatric beatdown took place.

The man said they were all talking when an argument broke out over a song and its artist. The man said the song they were debating was sung by Bruno Mars, but Washburn said that it wasn't.

When the man showed Washburn proof that it was indeed a Bruno Mars song, the argument grew more intense. He told police that they both stood up and continued to argue until Washburn pulled a gun on him.

The man said he responded to the brandished weapon by calling Washburn a "chicken (expletive)" and Washburn swung the weapon at him, striking the man in the face and arm.

I thought I was petty but Roger took things entirely too far! Why would you pistol whip an alleged friend of 50 years over a song? I need answers I hope they weren’t arguing over “That's What I Like” because I’m sure no one likes being beaten down.

Someone should show these senior citizens an easy to use app on the smartphone called Shazam, if they would’ve just shazamed the song all of this could’ve been avoided.

Stop the violence no more old on old crime.

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