With the Grammy Awards just weeks away, it looks like French Montana has already lined up his date for the big night. The rapper is bringing his furry pet monkey, Julius Ceasor to the prestigious ceremony.

French spoke to Complex about his cuddly primate and when asked if he'd take Julius to the upcoming Grammys (as Michael Jackson was rumored to have taken his chimp Bubbles) the 'Excuse My French' creator responded with, "Oh! Best believe I am."

The 'Coke Boys 4' rhymer described some of the fatherly duties he's taken on since receiving the monkey as a recent birthday gift from West Coast artist Mally Mall. From changing diapers to bottle-feeding, Julius needs care just like a baby. "Sometimes I change his diaper. He’s like my son. He sleeps in the bed but he a little bad sometimes," French admits. "You gotta teach him some manners."

Julius has become a star in his own right in the past several weeks, showing up on the Coke Boys leader's Instagram and other social media accounts. By the looks of it, little Julius has already flown in a private G5 jet, scampered up French's mansion walls and played with a stuffed football in preparation for the Super Bowl.