Reese's has come up with a brand new candy bar and to help promote it, they want to find the biggest fan who loves their brand. Express your love for Reese's, win all the candy and ten grand. Here's how. The new candy bar is called Reese's Outrageous Bar and it looks amazing. It has peanut butter and chocolate (of course), caramel, and Reese's Pieces stuffed inside. To commemorate the new concoction, they want you to get outrageous and show your love for Reese's.

You just have to post a video or photo on Twitter or Instagram expressing your love and hashtag it with #ReesesOutrageous and #contest. You could win $10,000 and a year supply of Reese's product. If you are one of the first one hundred qualified entries, you will get free Reese's Outrageous Bars. Entries must be in by June 1st. They will be judged on 33 percent of your love for the Reese's brand, 33 percent for originality and 33 percent for visual appeal.

To check out the official rules and more details on this Outrageous contest, click HERE.

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