Father’s Day is in a few days and I hope you will be able to connect with your dad to make his day special.  We all know that moms get a whole lot of love and appreciation on Mother’s Day, but I don’t see that same love on Father’s Day.  I asked myself - Why don’t fathers get the same love and appreciation as mothers, and it led me to think about what makes a man a good father?

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I checked out askmen.com and here are some of the things they have to say about fathers and what makes them special.

The first thing they said was that men need to teach their children to appreciate things.  They must appreciate the things that they have and take care of them.  They should know that when they grow up they need to get a good education and a  job to help them pay for the things that they want and need.

Good fathers appreciate their children for their own unique personalities.  Sure dads want to see their kids grow up and imitate them, but kids have to be accepted for their individuality and their uniqueness.

We live in a busy world, but we must always make time for our children.  Kids appreciate the things that their dad can provide for them, but they would much rather have their dad spend time playing with them and talking with them.  Even as a man, I appreciate the time that I get to spend with my dad.

Even though dads are not perfect, they must be leaders and set good examples for their children.  It’s not always easy, but kids need their fathers to be good role models for them.

Dads must also be loyal.  Let them know that you always have their backs.  Even when they do something wrong, don’t condone bad behavior but don’t turn your back on your children either.

Dads, teach your children life lessons.  Teach them about money and personal hygiene and cleanliness.  Even boys need to learn how to cook and clean so that they can take care of themselves.  Always push your children to do their best and let them know that you will always love them.

Always love your children, protect your children, and guide your children.  These are some of the main points I picked out when researching what others think about what attributes a dad must have.  What are your thoughts, what do you think makes a man a good father?

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