After five years of convictions and appeals, it’s finally time for former Assemblyman Shelton Silver to report to prison.

76-year old Shelton Silver was once one of New York’s most powerful politicians. He was the second longest-serving Assembly speaker in New York’s history. Last month District Judge Valerie Caproni sentenced Silver to a 6 1/2 year prison sentence and $1 million in fines. He reported to federal prison yesterday to begin serving his time.

On Wednesday, former assemblyman Shelton Silver turned himself in to the Otisville Correctional Facility to begin serving his sentence. Silver was convicted of taking bribes and kickbacks that amounted to nearly $4 million.

Silver was convicted twice before but was able to have his convictions overturned. In 2017 an appeals court ruled that the jury instructions did not meet a new definition of corruption, so he won his appeal. In 2018 another jury convicted him, but that conviction was also overruled.

Last month Silver admitted his crimes. He said, “I was so angry with myself and I still am, but now that anger has mainly turned to sadness. My use of my office for personal gain was improper, selfish, and ethically indefensible.”

Silver asked the judge for leniency and said he did not want to die in jail. His attorneys attempted to have his jail time delayed due to COVID-19, but Judge Caproni declined their request. Judge Caponi said that she had no alternative but to punish him for his corruption. She said, “His time has come, he needs to go to jail.“

Former Assemblymen Silver will soon see what life looks like inside prison walls. Just like anyone else, Assemblyman Silver is finally suffering the consequences of his illegal behavior. When you take a public office like an assemblyman, your morals must be in place and remember your working for the people and not for your own personal gain.

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