Are you ready for Destiny's Child Musical ? Its coming to a stage near you, first show starting in Houston, Texas ( the girls hometown ) according to Rolling Stone, it is unclear if the group have any advisement in the upcoming production. Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father and former manager of Destiny's Child has announced he is producing a musical about the classic trio group from his perspective. Have you ever wondered what it took for such a successful group? and how Beyoncé became Queen Bee? Well this is a must-see. Mathew Knowles is working with writer, director and producer Je'Caryous Johnson, who also worked with Snoop Dogg and Tamar Braxton in Redemption of a Dogg and Set it Off Live.

"I want to pull back the curtains," says Mr.Knowles in a statement from his website. "I feel it's time to give the world an opportunity to hear, see and feel the victories and failures that i've had has a husband,  father and manager who risk everything and pursuit fulfilling dreams those of mine and others."

Let me give you alittle history lesson. In 1990 Mr. Knowles manage Destiny's Child when they were signed to Columbia Records. According to Essence, the original Destiny's Child lineup consists of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and Latavia Roberson. The group found success with their self-titled album in 1997 but really broke out in 1999 with "The Writing on the Wall" album which features singles, "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Jumping, Jumping" and "Say My Name." Later that year 2000 Latavia was dismissed from the group, SHE DIDNT NOT QUIT, she tells in a inteview with People. Kelly and Beyonce long time friend, LeToya Luckett was also fired from the group, "Management made a decision," she says on her new t.v show T.i and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle. Rather its three or five ladies, the group Destiny's Child sold more than 150 million records worldwide, according to Billboards winning several  Grammy Awards spreading inspiration throughout their music to the world. We all know how private The Carter family is so I am extremely excited to have  in sight of the QueenBees life dedication, determination and conquering all obstacles (oh yeah and the others members too ). The musical will be called "Survivor: Destiny's Child Musical" it is to be premiered in 2020 followed by future plans of Broadway and London West End, along with a world tour, according to Rolling Stone.

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