Prosecutors has filed charges against Bronx rapper, Remy Ma after the alleged assault that took place April 16th, against Love and Hip Hop co-star Brittany Taylor. She is being charged with four misdemeanors - two counts of assault in the third-degree, one count for aggregated harassment in the second degree and one count of harassment in the second degree. Back in April, VH1 co-star Brittany Taylor allege that Remy Ma punched her in the eye at the Pretty Lou benefit concert in New York. Reporter from Hollywood Unlocked, Remy Ma confronted her about an incident concerning her stepdaughter, Dejanae in Miami. Taylor claimed that when she tried to explain to the conceited rapper that she was helping her stepdaughter, who allegedly was being physically abused by a man during spring break. Remy Ma replied "That's not what I heard" and punched her in the right eye, leaving her with a swollen black eye. The Love & Hip Hop co-star claimed that the incident took place between 9:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Dawn Florio, Remy's attorney says that they have visual evidence that Remy was not in the area t at that time. The all the way up rapper did turn herself in and was released on $1,500 bill hours later. Prosecutors is asking Remy to plead guilty to one of the four misdemeanor charges and the others will be dropped and for her to also enter an anger management program. Remy Ma has deny that plea and maintains her innocence with her husband Papoose by her side for support. This trial is looking to start in July.

Is this one of Mona Scott Love and Hip Hop scams for the upcoming season or is Brittany Taylor really playing with Remy Ma's life ? Me personal I think Brittany Taylor is clout chasing and if Remy is found not guilty, Taylor should be fined and banned from Love and Hip Hop. Lying on someone, effecting their livelihood and freedom is no joke. Remy is still on probation since she been released from prison in 2014, after serving 6 years.

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