Tekashi69 may be home sooner than we all thought. Back in November, the Gummo rapper, was arrested and charged on federal racketeering charges, robberies and drug dealing charges along with other members from Treyway. His arrest was shortly after he announced his separation from his Treyway management on the morning show The Breakfast Club. He allege that his Treyway management was stealing money from him, booking shows, taking the money and not informing him on booking costs.  The 22 year old, rainbow head rapper plead guilty to all charges facing a minimum sentence of 47 years to life. Although Tekashi69 openly promoted and represented the blood gang in his music and videos. Wearing red bandanas and throwing up gang signs he denies any real affiliation with the Nine-Trey gang. Claiming his actions was all publicity stunts and he just wanted to make music. Prosecutors released voice recording evidences of former members allegedly discussing killing the rapper. Tekashi69, real name Daniel Hernandez entered a plea agreement for him to give up any information regarding the Nine-Trey Gang Gangsta Bloods. According to Daily News, the Brooklyn rapper would more than likely have to take the stand again. 6 members of the Nine-Trey gang had plead guilty to racketeering, guns and drug charges. 5 is still waiting trial and one or two is taking it  their case to the jury. The trial is looking to start September 4th. If all Nine-Trey members take a plead deal the trail would be thrown out and Mr. Hernandez would be released.
The real question is ... Can he come back into music after snitching? Many people such as Bronx rapper, Fat Joe says no. People like Fat Joe believe in the "codes of the streets." in a interview with Vibe Joey Crack had this to say, "We can't be cool. 'You over there... please stay away from me,'" he continued. "I think the youth don't care, obviously they don't care, they're playing his music in the club... I'd die before you see me in a picture with Tekashi69... It's a choice you make, so I tell everybody 'don't do the crime if you can't do the time." Other rapper like Snoop Dogg, and YG agree. On the other hand, fans still support the rapper and justify his actions with his management allegedly sleeping with his child mother and plotting to kill him. Are you still going to buy Tekashi 'snitch'9 music?

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