It seemed as if we would never get our pool ready for summer. If you have been following along, our brand new pool was a problem from the get-go. It started with only two percent of new pool owners experiencing what we went through. The liner had a manufacturer defect which causes the brand new liner to split. We had it for three days when this happened. It took a week and our liner was fixed and we had to refill our pool.

We had been using it for about two days when severe thunderstorms moved into our neighborhood. Since we didn't have our landscaping done, all of the mud and dirt on the hill behind our house flowed directly into our pool. After several attempts of adding chemicals on the recommendation of the pool company, nothing was working. We still had a sludgy, cloudy green pond in our backyard. Then someone told us about this guy Bob who goes by "The Pool Wizard". He came over and worked his magic, literally.

Bob stopped by on Friday and put some magic purple potion into our pool and told us he would be back the next day approximately twenty-four hours later. He said that the stuff he put in our pool would settle the particles and that he would come back and vacuum it.

Chrissy Townsquare Media

Bob did as promised and he returned to vacuum up the remainder of the dirt that covered the entire bottom of our pool Just like magic, our pool was a pool again and we were able to swim the next day.

We hope that is all of the pool drama and now we can enjoy it for the rest of the summer. By the way, we got the landscaping done and now we don't get any runoff into our pool anymore. Finally, our pool is back to the summer blues.

Chrissy Townsquare Media

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