I guess it makes sense you can rent a pool. Why not? You can rent a house, you can rent a car you can even rent a pet. Now, with a new website, you can rent a pool for you, your friend, and your family.

Right now the weather is in the upper 70s, but next week the mercury is climbing into the 90s. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pool to cool off in? However, pools are expensive and their upkeep is time-consuming and expensive too. So why not rent one instead of buying one? I'm not talking about some small portable pool that some dude is going to set up in your backyard. Instead, there is a website that works like Airbnb, but instead of renting a house, you just rent the pool and its amenities by the hour.

I did a quick search on www.swimply.com and found four pools for rent right here in the Capital Region. One is even a saltwater pool!

Looking for a fun birthday pool party or a graduation party and don't have a pool? This could be the perfect option. Heck, it would be fun for a few hours on any hot day this summer.

Pools For Rent In The Capital Region

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