News broke Monday night (Nov. 21) that Kanye West had been hospitalized, the musician taken to a UCLA Medical Center in the Los Angeles area for “evaluation” after police responded to a medical welfare call at around 1:20 p.m. Sources say the decision to admit Kanye was “for his own health and safety” and that no criminal activity was involved. The news of his hospitalization was cause for concern amongst fans and Twitter users alike, many hoping he finds the help he needs.

Prior to the news of Kanye's hospitalization, it was announced that West would be cancelling the 21 remaining shows on his Saint Pablo tour, citing exhaustion and a desire to spend more time with his family. Concern over Kanye's onstage remarks has grown in the past week after West voiced his support for President-elect Donald Trump, saying that he admired aspects of Trump’s campaign, which was largely characterized by Trump’s politically incorrect and offensive remarks with regard to women and other minorities. He then called out Jay Z, Beyonce and others in a rant that caused some to question Kanye's well being.

Some of Kanye's industry friends have expressed their support for him on Twitter as well, 9th Wonder writing, "Been knowing the brother upwards of 13 years. Mental healing is a serious thing, no matter what. Stay strong Kanye West.” Check the gallery up above for a sampling of fan reactions with the overriding consensus being a hope that Kanye takes care of himself moving forward.