Remember Symone Green; the substitute who thought it was a good idea to have sexual contact with a student on her first day being a substitute teacher ? Well the plot thickens apparently the students family has filed a 11 million dollar lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims Greene was "unqualified to serve as a teacher" for at-risk students at the school and shouldn't have been hired as a subsitute teacher in the first place.

It goes on to say Greene had deliberately and maliciously made sexual contact with the victim that day, and exposed him to possible sexually transmitted diseases.

It seems like this student initiated the contact and at 17 he knows better. This woman should go to prison but him and his family definitely don't deserve any money. I highly doubt this school even makes 11 million dollars a year. The boy initiated sex with this woman record it distributed it and now he expects to get paid ? He should go into porn if he wants a pay day. He is 17 anyways next year he will be grown he should know better. This seems like a bunch of stupid people trying to come up off of what is supposed to be a tragic event.