Nearly 50 million people around the world live with epilepsy. The day has become known as “Purple Day” #purpleday as people are encouraged to wear the color to increase awareness of Epilepsy. There's no known cause of this condition, some reasons can string from a stroke or infection. Luckily this condition is treatable.

Purple Day was started in 2008 by Cassidy Megan (age,16) of Nova Scotia, Canada. Cassidy was diagnosed at the age of 7 with Epilepsy. She created #purpleday to encourage awareness of epilepsy showing others they're not alone and to cast away some of the myths of public’s views. Below are a few myths and facts about Epilepsy

Myth – When someone has seizure they can swallow their tongue.

Myth – People with Epilepsy are mentally challenged.

Myth – When someone has a seizure they stop breathing.

Myth – A person with epilepsy is ‘crazy’ or ‘possessed.

Myth – When a person is seizing you should hold them down.

Myth – Epilepsy is contagious.

Myth – Epilepsy is genetic.

Fact – Déjà vu is a form of seizure.

Fact – 1 in 26 people will develop Epilepsy in their lifetime.

Fact – 1 in 3 people know someone with Epilepsy.

Fact – 1 in 10 people will have at least one seizure in their lifetime

Purple day is celebrated all around the world in over 100 Countries. You can show your support by wearing the color purple and #purpleday on social media on March 26.

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