Is Eminem returning to his battle rap roots? The 'Rap God' is rumored to be producing a new reality television show around battle rapping.

Hip Hop DX reports that hip-hop personality Jack Thriller dropped word of the show on social media and claimed that he will serve as host. "Shoutout to my big brother SLIM SHADY for hitting me up last night and making me the new host of his battle rap reality show JACKTHRILLER.COM WORDS CANT EXPLAIN THE JOY IN MY HEART @uwbattleleague@unclevinrock #doglife #thrillergang #superstars---," Thriller wrote in a caption on Instagram. Then he quickly deleted his post.

If Thriller's claim is true, Eminem's show may involve Naughty By Nature's Vinny and UW Battle League, which currently hosts LiveStreaming pay-per-view rap battles.

'The Marshall Mathers Lp 2' creator earned his stripes battling in rap cyphers and took the art form to the mainstream with his role in the 2002 film '8 Mile.' We'll just have to wait and see if he can recreate that magic on the small screen -- if the rumor is true.