Happy Easter! Being the 26 year old man that I am – Easter isn’t as fun anymore. When you’re a kid you get a basket, lots of candy and maybe a gift or two. Also, did I mention how awesome Easter Egg hunts are when you’re 10?

What fun is there to have as an adult with no children around Easter time? I think it’s time we start making a bigger deal about Easter baskets and gifts for adults.  Single adults don't need candy, we can buy that for ourselves.  In addition, adults don't need ANYTHING that can fit inside a little plastic egg!

I found a site today called “Dude I Want That”. The funny part is, dude, I really do want what they’re selling. My adult Easter basket would look something like this:


Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun ($57.98): Three tiers of awesome on this bad boy – bare fist, bare fist coated with brass knuckles, fist coated with brass knuckles juiced up to deliver 950,000 volts of blue lightning delivered to your grill upon impact. Homie don’t mess!


The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook ($12.76): High Times magazine released it’s official cannabis cookbook about a month ago. It features more than 50 recipes including – “Cannabis-Infused Mayonnaise”, “Ganja Guacamole”, “Cheeto Fried Chicken” and “Cheech and Chong Nice Dream Ice Cream”.


Clone Your Face 3D Mask ($3,920): Ya know how Tom Cruise got access to top high level security locations because of his masks in Mission Impossible? Yeah – it’s kind of like that. Got a bad hair day? Wear a hat. Bad face day? Throw one of these suckas on. The product is called REALFACE and they will give you a real life replica mask of… you. If I could get a REALFACE of Tyrese or Brad Pitt I might get considerably more dates.

If you, your friends, or your family exchange gifts for Easter. Think outside the box! Have fun with it! Easter doesn’t have to be Christmas, but it doesn’t have to be boring once you’re out of middle school either.


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