Pennsylvania high school football player, Jay Harris, turned down a scholarship to Michigan State University to focus on becoming a rapper.

He decided to stick with slinging rhymes after posting one of his videos on YouTube. He didn’t know so many people would view it in such a short period of time. I can’t knock the youngster for chasing his dreams, but did he even think that maybe he got so many views because of his football credentials? What’s gonna happen when he’s Jay Harris the rapper, and not Jay Harris the football player who raps?

Harris was a star wide receiver at Downingtown East High School in the Philadelphia area. Philly News listed Harris at 5 foot 11 and 162 pounds. He scored 13 TD’s, had 54 catches and accumulated 792 yards last season.

The teen goes by the rap name, Jay DatBull. He plans on dropping an album in June.

It’s too bad. We would’ve loved to have seen what he could’ve done on the field, playing for a top notch program like Michigan State. The record below is extremely whack if ya ask me, but young boy still has PLENTY of time to hone his skills. Best of luck to you, my dude!