Another day another donkey, and Donald Trump and his crew have dominated the Donkey Of The Day. Ever since swearing in as President, Donald Trump and his team have found their way into The Donkey Of The Day several times.

The Don and his posse, currently carry the world record for being Donkeys of the Day. This time Ivanka is being chosen as Donkey Of The Day because of her father's hypocritical America first rhetoric. America first pressures employers to employ American workers and produce their commerce in the United States.

Ivanka has just been exposed for doing the exact opposite, Ivanka manufactures most of her clothing line in China. Employing Chinese workers for a fraction of the cost of employing Americans in America. This looks very hypocritical for Donald Trump to speak of America first when most of his business's and even his children's business's employ people who aren't American.

Why does Donald Trump even care about where people get their products produced? When he knows this tactic has been going on for decades in order for companies to maximize profit. It seems like Donald Trump's rhetoric to gain votes/fans is coming back to bite him every time. Take a listen to Charlamagne break down the Donkey Behavior.

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