I saw this article over at Times Union and thought it was important to pass on
Fifteen Capital Region school districts received water test results over the last week showing elevated lead levels in their water fountains, sinks, showers and other places, according to notices published on district websites.

These test were done as part of New York law :

The law requires all public schools in New York to test water for lead at any outlet that is currently or potentially used for drinking or cooking. If a source shows lead levels above 15 parts per billion, a district is required to shut it off, and develop and implement a remediation plan — whether that be replacing pipes, faucets and other parts, or making bottled water available to students.

This is why lead exposure is dangerous :

Lead exposure is particularly harmful to young children, even at low levels. Prolonged exposure can result in lower IQ, behavioral problems and brain damage. The toxic material enters drinking water when pipes containing lead corrode, especially if the water running through them has high acidity or low mineral content.

Here are the results of the list :

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