Do you feel like your being watched? Well, you are all the time when you're online. I'm here to confirm, your not crazy. You are literally being watched this second as you surf the internet.  What do people want to do with your online activity? Sell it to people, so they can advertise their products to you without you even really knowing it. A lot of people are starting to complain that this practice is dishonest and an invasion of personal privacy.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg will appear in front of Congress today to talk about these practices.

A new CBS News poll asked respondents about Facebook privacy and it turns out that 63-percent believe your social media data is unsafe and given to those we would not want to have it. They also say Facebook isn’t doing enough to keep our info safe.

Because of that, six-in-ten people want some government regulation for tech and media companies. This view cuts right across partisan lines too! Other info uncovered includes 80-percent anticipating something like this scandal would happen and nearly half asked are concerned that their data is with a “dealer.”

Since everyone is asking the question what do you think is your activity safe online ?

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