I see a lot of talk about possibly arming teachers at schools because of the rash of school violence that has been going on since I graduated high school shout out to the class of 1999.

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While, I know some people are all for this and think this is a good idea, I think its makes no sense. I went to a high school that had a school resource officer and years later. After I left school, they implemented metal detectors and still had a school resource officer in the schools. My former high school region hasn't had any of these high schools shootings ever.  I don't agree with arming a teacher or anyone else to deal with rash of school shootings and violence.

This just seems like a bad idea, a teacher is there to teach not have armed shoot outs with students. They haven't been trained to deal with a crisis like that because it's not their field of work. If you started arming the same teachers who repeatedly get caught having sex with the students you are really opening pandora's box in my opinion. When you start to arm teachers you will have a lot of cases of "I shot Raheem because I thought his cell phone was a gun."

We have to really evaluate and come up with a strategic response to having broken children coming to a school and committing violent acts.  Until there are realistic options put on the table I suggest people put their children in home schools or schools where security is a top priority. Am I wrong?

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