Is "Empire" still interesting to you?

The show has seen a continuous dip in ratings since the Season 2 premiere. The show is still the highest-rated TV show on television on Wednesday night, but it has taken two consecutive weeks of ratings loses. Are you still interested in the "Empire" show or has the shock value worn off?

According to reports 13 million people tuned in for episode 3 of Empire down 7% from last week but still good enough to win for the night.

Blackish on ABC saw only a tiny slip with 5.8 million viewers down from last weeks 6 million.

Delayed viewing totals have not been counted.

I don't think the story is picking up fast enough this season and everyone on the show backstabs everyone else. It has really turned into a soap opera with singing and dancing. The story lines are becoming very much unbelievable. That is why I think the show has seen a dip in the ratings.