DMX has been working on his big comeback into the music game for quite some time now, but the moment is finally here.

The rap veteran has been working closely with Swizz Beats on his next album to revamp some of their Ruff Ryders magic in the studio, and now we're getting a taste of that. Dark Man X just dropped a brand new track through the super producer's Soundcloud page, which is titled "Bain Iz Back."

This is the same track that Swizz Beats previewed for fans on social media about a month ago, heightening anticipation for the full track. On the new song, DMX appears to be taking some shots at some of today's rappers, which have been highly criticized by a lot of veteran MC's from previous generations.

"Cats nowadays be spitting that f--- s---/Bird ass n----s be spitting that duck s---/ I'm from the old school, and that there, we don't f---- with," he rhymes.

One thing we all know for sure is that DMX doesn't play around when it comes to speaking his mind, especially in his music.

We still don't exactly know when we can expect a DMX album in the future, but Swizz assures fans that it's on the way, and won't disappoint. Hopefully we can get some more previews before then. For now, take a listen to "Bain Iz Back" below, and let us know your thoughts.

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