DMX is in Los Angeles to make an appearance on Dr. Phil. The episode will be taped today, but it’s unknown when it will air. After landing at LAX yesterday, X was greeted by TMZ reporters who inquired about his recent hotel streaking incident.

In the video, first posted by TMZ, DMX is shown walking around the Detroit hotel hallway in boxers. He removed his trousers before making his way to another hall, walking nonchalantly showing off his anatomy for a hotel employee.

When asked why he did it, he replied, “What do you mean what was I doing streaking? I’ve got a big ass d--- and I like to show it!” Spoken like a true poet!

He went on to confirm previous reports saying it was a dare. X and his friends weren’t aware of a security camera in the hallway before the nekkit execution.

We also learned “You’ve gotta work the sock under the ankle bracelet” from the run-in with TMZ – advice that’s sure to be taken into consideration by the likes of Lindsay Lohan.