Diddy may be one of the busiest people on earth, but he found time to make a spoof for one of his favorite television shows, 'Downton Abbey.' Last week, an announcement was made regarding Gary Carr joining the show -- he's the first black cast member.

In true Diddy fashion, he took this as an opportunity to insert himself into the cast somehow. Teaming up with 'Funny or Die,' he creates a video spoof claiming that he is in fact the first black cast member on 'Downton Abbey.'

"I already broke down that barrier," he says. "And I got the scenes to prove it." What follows is a bunch of randomness and it's obvious Diddy was having a little too much fun with this.

"I'm Lord Wilcott and I'm the new owner of Downton Abbey," he says. Diddy's shenanigans include hosting a white party, which, in reality, he's known for doing each summer. He also offers cast members libations of, what else, his own Ciroc on a silver platter.

"This is some real 'Masterpiece Theatre' right there," he says holding the DVD of his version of 'Downton Abbey' in his hands at the end of the video.

Is 'Downton Diddy' funny or has Diddy lost it? You be the judge.

Watch Diddy's 'Downton Abbey' Video