More craziness coming out of the Lil Wayne/Birdman/Young Thug beef?

#YoungThug's threat by shooting at #LilWayne's tour buses in April. #wsbtv.

I have a hard time believing any of this. If Birdman, who is worth several hundreds of millions of dollars, wanted to put out a hit on Lil Wayne, why would he ask this idiot to do it? It's obvious that he is not a seasoned criminal because he is telling everything. This seems like a young man who is about to go to prison for doing something stupid trying to get attention and getting even more attention for lying on people who are famous. He has absolutely nothing to lose.

In Young Thug's defense, when you have a name like "Young Thug," and a reputation like him, you become a target for foolishness like this. People can accuse you of anything in an indictment. I bet he can't prove that he has ever been in the same room as Birdman or Young Thug, let alone prove he was told to go and try to kill Lil Wayne. This is ridiculous.