Rapper DG Yola was arrested in Atlanta for murder on Friday (March 14).

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the 28-year-old Georgia native, who was wanted for a pair of shootings, was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and attempted robbery.

Atlanta police said that Yola, born Mario Talley, shot two men on March 9 outside of an apartment complex. One of those men, Rodney Walker, was found dead by police with multiple gun wounds. Another man, Isiah Knight, told authorities he had been robbed and shot outside of the apartments. He was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Police have not released information on the motive behind the two shootings.

Ironically, DG Yola was the victim of a shooting back in 2007. In that incident, the rapper was in his car at a red light when a gunman in another vehicle pulled up and shot him in the mouth. Gola survived the assault but a bullet ripped through his jaw, which required surgeons to install a metal plate in his mouth. Gola documented his recovery time in the hospital on his YouTube channel.

He's mostly known for “the 2006 song 'Ain’t Gonna Let Up,' which was inspired by his perseverance after the shooting. He was also previously convicted of shooting his cousin in the chest in 2009, and served three years in prison.

DG Gola is currently being held in the Fulton County jail without bond.

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