Kanye West always has something to say about everything. But when well-known illusionist David Blaine performed an excruciating trick (if done wrong) in front of the 'Yeezus' rapper, he could do nothing but lean back, smile and just sit there mystified.

If you're squeamish, you might want to skip the video and just keep reading.

Blaine's 'Real or Magic' special on ABC Tuesday night (Nov. 19) followed the magician as he visited some of today's biggest celebrities and blew their minds with a series of tricks. West, along with Will Smith, were just a few of those who were left dumbfounded by his magic skills.

Blaine takes a knife, which looked more like an ice pick, and pushes it into the back of his hand. Slowly inserting the tool, we see just how freaked out the 'Bound 2' creator, Smith, Jada Pinket-Smith, Woody Harrelson and 'Breaking Bad' stars Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul were during the entire experience.

West is reduced to giggles after he's told to pull the sharp object out of Blaine's hand and does so cleanly -- no bloodshed.

Between the dramatic music, glacial pace Blaine takes to insert the knife and then asking the celebrity to pull it out, we really don't blame them for feeling creeped out.