There's a few famed celebrities who can understandably slip into the public unnoticed because they aren't very popular or their physical features easily blend into a social space. Danny Brown, who has that wild haircut, a gap between his teeth and that yelping voice, is usually recognized fast. Even with all the attention his way, he tried to show his appreciation for a fellow MC who receives his own fair share of attention, but got snubbed in the process.

Brown spent his Thursday night (Jan. 23) at a club in Hawaii when he saw rapper Too $hort. The Detroit MC was probably trying to show some love, but the feeling wasn't reciprocated. Brown recounts how his interaction with the 'Blow the Whistle' creator went down through a series of Twitter posts.

However, the snub didn't totally ruin Brown's night.

Too $hort should get familiar with the 'Old' creator if he's a fan of hip-hop or adidas. The Bruiser Brigade leader is starring in ads promoting the retro Top Ten.