You've got to love when rappers from different regions connect because when they do, it shows hip-hop at its best. That's exactly what happened when 50 Cent brought Bay Area legends Too $hort and E-40 onstage earlier this week to perform the song 'Bitch,' E-40's 2010 cut that seems to be a true fan favorite.

In classic concert fashion, 50 waited for each rapper's verse to come up before he pulled them onstage, which is always a nice surprise for fans. Short came up first, delivered his verse, and then E-40 followed, much to the pleasure of the California crowd.

Right before they appeared, Mr. Jackson gave a shout to a young concert-goer, and explained to the crowd that kids inspire him to create new hits. "What's up, little man," 50 said to the kid. "That's why I got to make new hit records, because he don't know those records. He's like 'What's that s---?'"

50 Cent's new album, 'Animal Ambition,' arrives June 3.