Too Short has been doin’ big things in the games for YEARS now. Short Dawg recently spoke to, who asked him to pick five of his tracks that he’s most proud of.

Blow The Whistle – “It may not have gone platinum, but it made me more money than any other song I made in my life!”

Call Her A B---h – “I never said ‘b---h’ so many times in one song, I don’t know anybody that could memorize that song, including myself.”

Freaky Tales – “It is the most simplistic song, it’s a classic, and it’s like five tracks of music, including the drums.”

Gettin’ It – “Gettin’ It is another song that means a lot to me, because I got to work with George Clinton who’s always been my musical hero.”

(TIE) Life Is… Too Short + The Ghetto – “Just because I was more in tune with what kind of artist I wanted to be back then. I hadn’t strayed too much off into Too Short the dirty rapper and I hadn’t really been labeled a 100% just yet.”