It's a fact, women prefer the dad-bod over 6 pack-abs and it's a pretty good day because of it.  Two-thirds of women say that they prefer a little flab covering them abs. And on behalf of all of the men out like me who are not afraid to admit it, thank you!

Women are honest, loving, and caring nurturers and also far less superficial then men (when it comes to looks) so I actually believe these results. Now don't get me wrong- women are at times exceedingly judgmental- but that's typically when they're  judging other women.

But in regards to judging men, women tend to give us dad-bodders the benefit of the doubt.  The dad-bod represents a man who is putting in an honest effort in fitness, family, and life and doesn't have the time to be in the gym 14 hours a week, and most of you seem to appreciate that.

Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of women out there who prefer a man whose abs you could wash clothes on.  I mean The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Helmsworth aren't the highest paid actors in Hollywood because they down a pint of Ben and Jerry's every night.  They're the highest paid because they have looks to kill and abs worth killing for.

For the record, I have never - nor would I ever - take a survey that had me rank a women's body type.  I'd be terrified even it was completely anonymous.  Where are the hidden cameras? Will they be able to identify me through handwriting analysis or how hard I pressed on the paper?  Nope - not gonna gonna take the bait.

It's way too much for my flabby gut to stomach.


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