Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn't believe the battle with coronavirus will end in a few weeks.

"This is not going to be an Easter surprise," Cuomo said during his press briefing on Tuesday.

Cuomo stressed the battle with the virus won't end anytime soon.

"Everyone wants to know one thing: when is it over? Nobody knows. Well, the president said by Easter, this one said by... nobody knows," Cuomo said. "I can say this, it is not going to be soon."

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For days, Cuomo has been saying the peak of the virus is two to three weeks away. On Tuesday, he said experts are divided on when the apex will hit.

Cuomo mentioned there are five different models for when the apex hits in New York State. The models say its anywhere between seven to and 21 days.

"The main battle is at the apex. The main battle is at the top of the mountain The apex of the curve," he said. "We are still climbing up the mountain and we're not sure yet when we are going to get to the other side."

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