Was YNW Melly supposed to be released from jail at any point over the last several weeks? If someone knows for sure, they haven't said it publicly. However, his mother, Jamie King, appears to think so, and she seemingly cited the coronavirus pandemic as a reason that didn't come to pass.

In an Instagram post comment for a video she uploaded on Sunday (March 29), Melly's mother suggested that the rapper, who has been behind bars since being arrested on two first-degree murder charges last year, would have been released from jail if not for the coronavirus. Her comment came in response to another Instagram user.

"Thought he was sposed to been out whaat happened 😭😭😭," reads the comment directed at Melly's mother. She responded by saying, "@__shayy__babbyy__ Coronavirus happened."

You can see the entire exchange in the comments section for the post below, which includes a video of Melly and one of his friends.

While Melly's mother hasn't offered up an explicit reason for why she thought Melly would be coming home, she intermittently suggested that the rapper could be out from behind bars soon throughout all of last year.

At press time, Melly has yet to post bond for the case, one which will see him face the death penalty if he's convicted on the charges, which stem from the October 2018 murder of his two friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. Both were shot and killed, and Miramar, Fla. police believe that Melly shot the rappers and had his friend YNW Bortlen—born Cortlen Henry—help him try to cover it up and make it seem like a drive-by shooting.

Last month, Melly's ex-lawyer Bradford Cohen said he thought Melly would be found not guilty of the crimes he's accused of committing in this case. He cited a belief that the evidence against Melly was weak as a reason he would eventually be released from lockup in Broward County Jail.

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