Young Chop had a bit more to say to 21 Savage, and his words weren't kind.

On Sunday (March 29), Chop continued his attack against the Grammy-nominated rapper. However, this time around, instead of posting an Instagram Live video, the producer-rapper posted a screenshot of a conversation between himself and 21, in which he criticized his toughness.

The conversation starts with an unheard voice note, followed by Savage writing, "U think u tough cuz u from Chicago." The Atlanta-bred rapper continues to fire back at the 26-year-old producer saying, "Niggas get smoked everywhere Lil Chop."

It isn't long before Chop responded saying, "Com to the city and say that." He later called the "A Lot" rapper a "pussy."

"@21savage Really scared of Chicago he a pussy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hands and feet," he captioned the picture.

This beef dates back to when Chop named 21, Meek Mill and French Montana as rappers who are "scary" during an Instagram Live session last Tuesday (March 24). It continued on March 28, when Young Chop dissed 21 Savage during another Instagram Live session.

"I state facts. Yeah, I'm saying niggas' names," Chop began. "Yeah, 21, all y'all niggas some bitches. What's up? On God."

The producer continued, "And I'm in Atlanta. And 21, we live in the same area. Tell the people that. We live in the same fucking area. We go to the same Walmart, nigga. What's up, nigga. Let the people know that."

21 Savage later responded to Chop's insults insisting that fans buy his forthcoming album. “Make sure y'all go get his tape when it drop cuz he need da clout and pray for him cuz he done lost his mind," he said.

It's unclear what led to this entire back and forth, but it doesn't appear that Chop will stop any time soon.

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