Young Chop went looking for 21 Savage amid their social media beef on Sunday (April 5), and claims he was shot at in the process.

Chop, who currently lives in Atlanta, has been taunting 21 for over a week now on Instagram, along with several other rappers, and decided to prove his gangsta by going to pull up at the "A Lot" rapper's old hood, Allen Temple. He did all this for fans to see on Instagram Live and amid a statewide shelter-in-place order in Georgia. In the beginning of the video, Chop catches an Uber and begins his search, asking random people on the street for the location.

After finally locating what is believed to be the former stomping ground of the Grammy-winning rapper, Chop approaches random residents and people working on site and asks about 21's whereabouts. After being unable to locate the rapper, who is more than likely holed up in his current residence far from the hood trying to avoid the coronavirus like most people, Chop leaves.

A little while later, the Chicago transplant claims he was shot at by some individuals who pulled up beside his ride. He shows footage of the shattered glass in the car as proof but boasts about making it out unscathed.

"Yo, they need to go hire some more shooters, bro," Chop says to viewers on his Live. "Really, bro. Y'all let off that many shots and ain't hit shit, bro."

Chop has made numerous enemies over the past couple of weeks, as he has been going at several rappers on Instagram including 21 Savage whom he dissed last week. 21 clapped back at Chop following the producer's first diss saying he believed Chop has lost his mind. 21 has been quiet since then, even though the "I Don't Like" producer has continued to call him out.

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