Young Chop is back at it.

The Chicago producer-rapper has been ruffling a lot of feathers recently on Instagram Live after dissing multiple artists. On Saturday (March 28), he set his sights on 21 Savage.

"I state facts. Yeah, I'm saying niggas' names. Yeah, 21, all y'all niggas some bitches. What's up? On God," Chop says in the snippet. "And I'm in Atlanta. And 21, we live in the same area. Tell the people that. We live in the same fucking area. We go to the same Walmart, nigga. What's up, nigga. Let the people know that."

He continued, "The reason you don't walk around with no jewelry. Let them know that. With yo' bitch ass. You a bitch. And I walk around with all my jewelry on. And my shit real. Fuck wrong with you?"

He went on to question Savage's gang affiliation.

It is unclear what started the rant but Chop may be responding to a slight from the Grammy-winning rapper.

Chop has been on one for the past few days on IG Live. On Tuesday (March 24), he called out Meek Mill saying the rapper was scary.

Meek responded on Twitter, "It’s obvious chop having some mental issues... y’all be gassing stuff so much y’all just gone ignore it! I been getting beats from him for years hope he get well."

Chop has also traded shots with Mike Will Made-It, Trav and more.

21 Savage has yet to respond on social media.

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