The second episode of 'Couples Therapy' dives right into the first counseling session, which Dr. Jenn Berman deems as the hardest for the couples. As each of the couples (and Farrah) talk about their relationship histories, Ghostface Killah finds out that his girlfriend, Kelsey Nykole, was once a stripper -- he doesn't take the news too well.

Kelsey talks about her previous boyfriend of seven years -- he was a heavy drinker and fought with her. On one particular night, things escalated to a point that forced her to leave their apartment and the relationship altogether. "So I pushed him and that turned into a slap and so he scooped me up and picked me up and opened the door," she said. "And if he dropped me, it was a wrap."

She then saw her son in the hallway, and to cope, she started stripping. "I actually started dancing," she says. "After my sister said to me, because we look alike, I don't want people looking at me and thinking I'm you."

Meanwhile, Ghostface talks about his inability to trust females.

"[My first girlfriend] messed around and cheated on me," he explains. "I know it wasn't deep, but it put a wall up. With females, I don't really trust them. Now knowing who I am and fame is everywhere or all that money, I don't know if she like me for me or if it's for that fame and money. And that's where I'm at right now."

The two later talk about the situation privately in their bedroom. Although Kelsey tries to explain herself, he can't deal with the fact that her dancing past was just revealed at that moment. The conversation ends with Kelsey rushing to the bathroom to cry.

Dr. Berman invites the two for a private session to hash this out.

"After I said it, I didn't realize how I didn't talk to him about it," Kelsey admits..

Ghostface hears her out, but he explains that he over-thinks things and worries about his reputation when he walks around with her in public. And although it seems that they both listen to Dr. Berman's advice about letting the past go and moving forward, it's clear that Kelsey and Ghostface aren't on the same page. While Kelsey thinks this talk was good for them, Ghost just can't see past the pole.

Despite their issues, they don't seem as bad as the meltdown that former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Taylor Armstrong had after a drunken night out, which finally lets us see Kelsey laugh at least once during this episode.

On next week's episode, it looks like Ghostface is still holding onto his anger about Kelsey's stripper past, which pushes her to leave the group session. Dr. Berman asks if he wants to follow his girlfriend, but he says no. Does he eventually follow Kelsey to talk it out? Or does this mean the premature end of the couple? Stay tuned for what happens next week.