OK- so sure, Albany isn’t a perfectly picturesque scenic tourist destination like Fiji or something.  But we’re not exactly living in a piling heap of trash.  However, one famous comedian recently called Albany the ‘biggest dump’ of the 28 cities on his tour.  The comedian?  Bert Kreischer:

Bert Kreischer

I read about this on newyorkupstate.com though frankly I’ve also seen people posting about it all over social media.  The statement came during an episode of the YouTube series “Hot Ones”, also with comedian Tom Segura involved.  Interestingly, Segura is also coming to the Capital Region Aug. 8, performing at the Palace Theatre.   Now, Kreischer made the statement after he was asked what city was the biggest dump of the tour.  Let’s face it, comedians make money off of being outlandish.  He clearly had to answer something.  They don’t make a career off of being diplomatic. Also, there’s a lot of awesome things about the Capital Region and Albany, so clearly he’s full of fake news.  Either way, I don’t really care because I know I can enjoy some funny stand up comedy anytime in my awesome ‘dump’ of a town, at places like the Low Beat, while Kreischer keeps being outlandish.

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