On Tuesday, around 6:30 a.m., a young woman called the police to report a domestic incident with her boyfriend in Colonie. An unnamed woman called the police to report that her boyfriend, 20-year-old Alexander R. Alomar, had assaulted her by spitting in her face, throwing things at her, throwing her to the ground and breaking her phone.

According to Times Union, the young woman left the location and went to her mother’s home in Bethlehem where she called the police. During an interview with the police, the young woman reported that Alomar had a large collection of weapons in the home.

She went on to report that Mr. Alomar intended to use those weapons to ambush and shoot police. Because of the seriousness of her allegations, investigators applied for a search warrant. The warrant was executed by the department's SWAT team, as well as the state police bomb disposal unit.

During the execution of the search warrant officers were able to confiscate an arsenal of illegal weapons and ammunition. Even if the weapons were legal in the state of New York, which they are not, Mr. Alomar is not licensed to legally possess them. Officers were able to confiscate a bulletproof vest, four loaded high-capacity .223 magazines, an Anderson Manufacturing .223 semi-automatic magazine-fed assault rifle, a New Frontier 7.62 x 39 mm semi-automatic magazine-fed assault rifle and a 9 mm ghost gun.


Alexander Alomar was charged with second-degree Harassment; fourth-degree Criminal Mischief; fourth-degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon; and three counts of third-degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon. If Mr. Alomar is convicted of all of these charges, he could spend 23 years in prison.

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