The folks at Instagram must love Chris Brown and Rihanna for all the publicity they generate for the photo service. The duo keeps posting lots and lots of photos that seem to confirm what we already know but they refuse to acknowledge: that they are a couple. Oh, this again?

Breezy posted a photo on Instagram of he and RiRi sitting together, surrounded by a cloud of smoke and RiRi dressed in camo -- which is either a big swath of fabric or some sort of bedspread. It's worth noting that he has reactivated his Twitter account, which we all knew he would. However, there are no new, active tweets just yet. He's here if you want to start checking obsessively for Breezy tweets.

It's a candid shot and they're not all up on each other's laps -- this time -- but there is an exchange of energy that makes it clear that something is going on. They are always together. BFFs don't hang out this much unless romance is in the air, yo!

What's most interesting, however, is the boastful, someone egomaniacal caption that Breezy added to the pic. He posted:

"What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?"

We'll give it to him there, although the more appropriate question would be "What would social media realm do if these kids didn't post tons of photos together?" They both make pop music that the kids love. RiRi just enjoyed her first No. 1, while Breezy had back-to-back numero unos on the charts. They also remixed each other's tracks, which first sparked the "Are they or aren't they rumors?" (We firmly believe they are in the "Are they" phase, for those keeping score at home!)

So we don't deny their talent.

But we really wish that they'd just admit that they are in love, have reunited and that the 2009 beating is behind them. All this coy bidness is exhausting, ChRihanna.

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