Canadian superstars Justin Bieber and Drake shared a stage in their homeland last night (Dec. 1) at a soldout show at the Toronto Skydome for Biebs' Believe tour. Is it us or does it feel like this should have happened long ago?

Biebs, rocking a fedora, denim vest and black pants, was in the midst of performing 'Right Here,' and while girls scream incessantly when he's around to begin with, the shrill shrieks got even louder when Drizzy showed up midway through. Drake, sporting khakis and a tee, stripped himself of his denim jacket before his first verse was even over. We can't say we blame him -- between the bright lights and the body heat that zillions of teen girls generate, it was probably hot in there!

When Drake finished his part of 'Right Here,' he made a swift exit with some rather goofy-looking dance moves. (No offense, but maybe that's why Rihanna chose Chris Brown!) Biebs finished out the track solo, but Drake joined him again for a performance of 'The Motto.'

Before starting the second song, Drake blew some sunshine up the Biebs' butt to his fans. "I'll tell you, there's very few people out there in the world that are as talented and as incredible as this gentleman as this man right here. I want to thank you for making my childhood dream, which was to perform at the Skydome, a reality." Adorbs!