Chris Brown is not having the best week ever, but that's not stopping him from releasing new music. After the brouhaha surrounding his Twitter feud, Breezy needs to take a smoke break. The song 'Where the F--- Is My Lighter,' is a smoke-hazed ode to chill-laxing.

The song features a dubstep groove and whining synthesizers with Brown singing through Auto-tune. On 'W.T.F.I.M.L,' Brown searches for a lighter so he can spark it up and escape from the all the madness and Internet trolls.

Where the f--- is my lighter? / I'm tired of all this s--t, I wanna light up / Throw my drink in the fire," he sings. "Just let me be, I just wanna escape."

The song is extremely short, clocking at two minutes and some change. We don't know if Brown is stressing out over his Twitter beef or he's simply blowing off some steam.

The last couple of days, Brown has been going on a photo tear via his Instagram page. The 'Look at Me Now' singer has been posting pictures of sketches he's creating for his Black Pyramid clothing line.

Recently, he posted a photo of what could be the title of his next album. The snapshot features a drawing of a guy with an "X" on the top of his head with the caption, “New album coming soon! ‘X’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Let's hope Brown can recover from all of the hate that's been directed his way. Some of it may be justified, but a lot of it is unnecessary. It's time for us to do like Michael Jackson -- and just leave him alone.

Listen to Chris Brown, 'Where the F--- Is My Lighter'