Let's get this out of the way -- Rihanna and Chris Brown are boo'd up. Ri-Ri's photo that has gone viral on the Internet confirms it. But it doesn't mean everyone approves of it. Team Coco decided to poke some fun at the picture and posted a rather macabre parody of the photo.

Conan O'Brien tweeted an obviously photoshopped snapshot (pictured, left) of Rihanna strangling Brown behind a blood-splattered scrawling of "Revenge." Under the photo, the caption reads "The Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram that Should Have Been." Oh Conan, you slay us with your strange sense of humor.

While Chrianna has yet to confirm that they are back together again, they have been spending a lot of time together overseas. Rihanna and Brown have been spotted clubbing in Berlin over the Thanksgiving holiday, and recently, the 'Don't Judge Me' crooner and the 'Diamonds' songbird gifted each other brand new gold Rolex watches.

Isn't love grand?

Reaction has been mixed over the Coco's photo. One follower opined that Rihanna was "another train wreck victim" like Lindsay Lohan and [Whitney Houston]," while another commenter thought the photo was in poor taste.

So what do you think PopCrushers? Did Team Coco overstep the boundaries of comedic taste with their photo of Chrianna? Tell us in the comments below.

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